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Rice Steamer

Long before the invention of rice steamer or rice cooker, Asian housewives will cook their rice over the stove fueled by wood. It wasn't until later that stoves were fueled by coal, gasoline, gas and then electricity that electric rice steamers came into use.

These days rice steamers forms part of many Asian families' kitchen appliances. It is very beneficial to any housewife as it cuts down the cooking time when a rice steamer is used to cook rice. The good thing is it cooks prefect soft, hot, sticky, and snowy
white rice every time, provided that the proper instruction is followed when cooking.

Rice cookers are very easy to operate as it only requires a press of a button and rice will cook automatically within 20 to 30 minutes. There are many different brands of rice steamer ranging from cheap to expensive. They also come in all different features. Let's have a look at them:

  • Most rice steamers/cookers have a glass lid so you can view how your rice is cooking.
  • Many rice steamers are equip with a hole in the lid for the steam to escape. If there were to be no hole, when the rice boils residues will come out at the edges of the lid and it then becomes quite messy.
  • Rice cookers/steamers comes with a removable cord to allow for easy storage.
  • Large steamers will often come with a steaming tray to allow for steaming of vegetables and other foods. If your steamer doesn't come with a steaming tray you can always purchase one that fits in your rice cooker at your local Chinese supermarket.
  • All rice steamers are a unit which consist of a plastic or metal outer case with a removable non-stick pan that fits neatly inside it. Never buy a rice steamer without a non-stick pan because your cook rice will stick to it and makes it very hard to clean.
  • It should be noted that all rice steamer inner pan has measuring lines engraved on it. This is a great feature as it allows you to determine how much water needs to be added when cooking your rice without the use of a measuring cup. But you still have to use a "measure cup" to measure your rice.
  • Some rice steamers are not just restricted to just cooking rice. They can also be used as a steamer for vegetable, meat, and fish, to make congee and porridge.

The prices of rice steamer will vary. It can range for as cheap as US$15 up to US$200. It all depends on the brand, qualities of the steamer, functions, and size. Of course larger sizes steamer can cook up to 10 cups of rice and it would be more expensive, but a normal family of 4 to 6 people would only require a medium size steamer which is more then sufficient.


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