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Dirt and soil are easily seen on hard surfaces such as tiles, vinyl, or wooden floors and can be wipe off with a cloth or paper towel, but on surfaces of carpet it can soon penetrate into the fibres where the harsh action will cause them to deteriorate and need replacing sooner then expected.

In order to avoid replacement of your carpet it is important for you to clean it at least every 12 months. And one of the most efficient way is with a carpet steamer either with a home version carpet steamer or by a professional carpet cleaner. Of course the home version carpet steamers do not clean so deep down as it does not have the power capacity as the professional ones do.

When you use a professional service to steam clean your carpet, you risk less damage to your carpet. Good steam cleaning professionals understands things like the right to wrong cleaning solution that would best suit your carpet. This is because they have the knowledge with the different fibres in your carpet weave, especially if your carpet is connoisseur of Persian and/or antique rugs. A professional uses equipment that cleans deep into the
carpet, flushing out the dirt and pollutants from the fibres with self neutralizing cleaning chemicals. The chemicals that are uses are non-toxic and are bio-degradable. Once it is steam cleaned it leaves the carpets clean and fresh like it was new.

When carpet is steam cleaned, the following 3 steps are done:

  1. Spraying - Most professional carpet steam cleaning services are equip with portable or truck-mounted equipment which contains a high pressure spray to allow heated detergent and solution to be spray on the carpet pile.
2. Extraction – Immediately after spraying, suspended soil and dirt particles are extracted.

3. Cleaning – Machines are then employed with rotary brushes or another agitating device to work along with the detergent into the pile to further loosen any other soil and dirt on the carpet and removing them.

If steam cleaning is done properly, there are many advantages. These can include:

  • It is extremely good at killing dust mites, most fungi and as well as viruses within carpets and bedding, hence, can reduce household allergies and asthma.
  • It is also recommended in dealing with smaller stains and spills.
  • Carpet steam cleaning can also reduce odors and great for killing bacteria especially if you have pets that are allowed inside the home and on carpeted areas.

There are also some disadvantages if the job not done properly. These can include:

  • It can use large volume of water which is not environmentally friendly.
  • Some steam cleaning can only remove some of the dirt on the surface. However, the dirt left in the carpet will soon wick back up the fibres of the carpet. It is only a very short term that the carpet looks cleaner and smells fresher.

Some people like to invest in a home version steam cleaning system. The prices can range from US$90.00 up to US$250.00+. It all depends on the brand, the different functions, power of cleaning and etc. This is not a bad idea, especially if you are interested in carpet steam cleaning on a regular basis. But there are a number of advantages to using professional carpet cleaners as their steam cleaning equipment and expertise enables them to do a much better and thorough job on your carpet.

If you decide to hire a professional steam cleaning service, the cost can range from US$150 to US$250+. This will depend on the size of the house (meaning how many carpeted rooms to be clean, if there is carpeted stair case that would be extra too), the differences in the company used, and etc.

Many company offers customer an obligation free quote, where they will walk-through the home and inspect the carpet and give you a price for the service. It is also a good time to show and point out any concern and worries to the representative. He/she would then be aware of any area to focus on when cleaning and provide you a satisfying carpet steam cleaning services.


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