Age of Steamer


The power of steam has fascinated human ever since it was discovered. Steam is the vapor of water when it reaches boiling point. It is believed that steam produced at boiling point is much hotter then the boiling water itself.

The first use of steam was to power various machines parts which was during the classical world. It use was only to power small things such as opening large temple doors or to blow a horn or piston. It was later during the industrial revolution where steam was use to heat engine or better known as “steam engine”. These were engines that make use of the thermal energy that exists in steam and converting it into mechanical work. Steam engines where use in pumps, locomotive trains, and steam ships. It was also later used to produce electricity power for many cities around the world.

Up until today scientist and inventors has found many new ways to the multiple uses of steam especially its use in many home appliances. Many of us will use something power by steam and not even think twice about it. For instant, what do you use to take
the winkles out of our clothes? Have you ever thought that your iron, clothes steamer and/or garment steamer is powered by steam? It is the steam that gets the creases and the winkles out.

In your kitchen do you own a rice steamer and/or vegetable steamer? It is the power of steam that cooks you fresh soft rice every time for your dinner. And it is that vegetable steamer that steams you healthy and full of nutrition vegetable everyday.

If you suffer from allergies and asthma then cleaning your carpet via steam is the way to go. Carpet steamer can remove nasties such as dust mites, most fungi and as well as viruses within the carpets and bedding thus, reducing any allergies and asthma
attacks for suffers. It is also great in removing stains and spills as well as reducing odors and killing bacteria around the home or office area.

For those ladies out there having a facial done by a professional can cost more then a penny. With a small investment in a facial steamer, you too can enjoy the effect of a professional facial at home. Facial steamers is a great way to pamper your skin by giving it warmth to
improve blood circulation, opening up the skin pores and removing the built up in toxin resulting to smoother, softer and healthier looking skin.

Regardless what steam is use for; it has become part of our daily lives. This site hopes to offers useful information about the uses of steam. Hope you enjoy reading.

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